Broth Regimen (Bonn bisque)

Unlike soup regime from all the others is that it operates on the principle that “the more to eat, the more shrivels.” Agree that the hardest part of the regimen is to give up and walk eatables always hungry. In this apply case you are not threatened. Not threaten also the fact that you will be expected for week while your arrows scales finally something crawling down. Subject to the soup regime, your weightiness will go down very quickly. Libra will inform you of this and each weigh that will be for you a huge boost. The result is visible immediately and without limited reinforcements! Window regimen (yet call it soup is seven times. Mass that is normally lost during this time, from 5 to 10 kilogram And jeopardize the soundness of the diet almost probably not allergic to use in this case, items or you generally contraindicated every restriction in nutrition. Takovskie But in practice, cases are seen very rarely. Contrary, for the labor “of the 7 days you will feel physically nice, and throw off the optimism of pounds you will be” done the roof. “base states broth dietary. It is cooked very simply. Claim to cut 6 medium onions, a few (to tasting) tomatoes, 1 little head of fresh cabbage, 2 green peppers, 1 bunch of celery. Pour water. Then bring it all to a boil and cook for 10 minutes. So cut flame and make soup on a small heating until until vegetables are tender. You To think of you keep to suffer and it is not salty? Far from it, In fat burning bisque It is possible to easily throw in 1 cube of veg broth, saline, pepper, curry powder or hot sauce. The option of seasoning in this case will be up to you. Essence diet is that this bisque is always indispensable, how soon however you get hungry. Now, you think, “yes it is not so! regimen allows you to eat lots of other items. TIME 1 – Q: Is it possible to eat broth and fruit except bananas. You can drink green tea or juice, but no cane sugar. Should drink plenty of h2o! DAY 2 – Q: Again eat pickle – remember: it burns fat. Also on this day we eat fresh vegetables and corn. For lunch you “bonus” – one is allowed to eat potatoes with butter. Is not no fresh fruit, but you can drink lots of h2o. Day 3 and fresh fruit. Murphy is now banned. And fresh fruit too. Legibly If you keep a dietary, so your mass has had to be dropped by 2 – 3 kilogram. Time 4 It is time to pamper yourself with a little-fat liquid milk. During the day It is possible to eat so much however 3 fresh fruit. Drink more water and soup. TIME 5 – Q: We eat cooked lean beef (300 – 400 g per time) and tomatoes with borscht. Tomatoes just right there in the infinite number, with the condition that you keep no restrictions on them to well-being. Case of canned tomatoes is befitting that a single little bank. Water per day you keep to drink 6 to 8 cups. Bisque eat at least one – 2 times a day. DAY 6 – Q: On the eve of the decorate you expect beef and raw vegetables (leafy welcome) so soup. Beef and green vegetables in the day eat however much however you should. More eat borscht and drink water. TIME 7 – J: Eat your fill pickle and tomato. During the regime you had to throw without much trouble from 5 to 10 pounds overweight. If your success rate of more than 8 kg, it is necessary to take a crash for the time two, but then fit to repeat the diet again. Specify that are forbidden to eat with this regime, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Eating forbidden to make with the addition of deep-frying. During the regime may not drink a drop of alcohol. Weigh yourself better in the morning. Good luck!


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